News: Materials List For Silicone Mold From Household Items

Materials List For Silicone Mold From Household Items

How To Tutorial

Supplies Needed:
Rubber Gloves- $3-10
1 roll of drywall mesh $5
1 small jar of Vaseline (1.75 oz) $1
1 small brush $2
3-4 small buckets for mixing $3-4
Stirring sticks $2
Small box of Plaster of Paris (4.4 lbs) $5
1 pr. of scissors
1 bag water-based clay (approx. 10-15 lb) $15
Wire cutter $2
1 Yard of Burlap (fabric store) $2

All the things listed above are required to make any mold, even if
you go with the expensive professional grade silicone or

The cost of using one of the pricier kinds of rubber – even in their
smallest container is $15- 40. But, you would also have to mix it
with other materials to make it firm enough to work with and
those materials are costly too.

Ingredients to Make Rubber:

2 tubes of clear silicone (2.8 oz) $6
Rubber cement (3 oz) $3
Small bottle of turpenoid (4 oz) $5
Paper towels

These sizes and amounts are based on a mold of a sculpture
approx. 3 inches high. Adjust the amounts accordingly to create
a mold for a larger sculpture – up to about 12 inches.

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