Forum Thread: In the USA, where is the art center?

We all know New York sells the most art.  New York, Miami, and LA have the crowns when it comes to art sales.

However, I am from LA, and the most creative people I have ever met are not from there or any of the big art places.  I am interested to se what people think, I bet if everyone in LA, NYC, and Miami were asked, we would find out Santa Fe, or The San Francisco Bay area was the real center. 

What do you think?

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I used to think Loveland was for sculpture but we have fallen by the wayside. Its almost impossible to take a sculpture class here now.

Interesting.  I wouldn't have thought Loveland would be the Genesis point for a lot of art.  See, shows what I know!! I am from LA, and it is nothing compared to the Bay Area.  No contest actually. 

I value this statement Tim, thanks for sharing.  I think Bay Area, Seattle, Santa FE, and perhaps Loveland produce a disproportionate # of skilled artists.

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