How To: Clay sculpting tutorial - Plato's iPad

Clay sculpting tutorial - Plato's iPad

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This is part of an online art project about how technology changes the way we interact with our world.  The technology is the art in the project.  Not the sculptures.

"Plato's iPad", sculpted by Adam Reeder. This video is part of a series which constitute the next step in my "Socio- technic evolution" series. The videos in this series, and how they are used online, are artwork. I am creating these sculpture for the videos. It remains to be seen how these videos will be used and shared by others. "Socio- technic evolution" is about "how technology changes the way western culture interacts with it's world". I am allowing these videos of figurative sculptures to be experienced as I create them, from the beginning. These sculptures were not created for casting or to be sold as objects. My intention with this is that technology is allowing for a change in how people can interact with, and experience this representational sculpture.

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