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News: Gino Cavicchioli Sculptor

Gino was born in Australia, but spent his formative years in Rome. As a child he was fascinated by the architecture, sculptures, fountains and the works of the masters that surrounded him. The craftsmanship and attention to detail was indelibly etched into his own creative expression and his drive to achieve the same level of perfection in his work.

News: Higher Education Fraud In San Francisco

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE SAN FRANCISCO, CA. January 29, 2011 I graduated from The San Francisco Academy Of Art University in 2009. My major was sculpture and I graduated with honorable mention. So ask yourself "why would this guy slander his department? Wouldn’t that hurt him?” Let me be clear, I would rather ruin the reputation of my alma mater, than be associated with that place.

News: Does "Contemporary Art" Mean "Now Art"??

The has been writing articles for a while now on the deceptive practice among the leading auction houses, of staging a "contemporary art" auction. What they do is, put a few Warhols up, then a bunch of unknown artists, since they are all part of the same auction, people think they are buying something valuable.

News: PDF by Drew Williams- Polymer Clay Wizard Shares All

This is a link to a PDF containing an incredible amount of free information. Drew Williams of Satyr Sculpting Studio gives away every part of the polymer clay sculpting process from start to finish. I know Drew, he and I shared a studio in grad school. Drew is not greedy or selfish, and this book proves it. Everything you ever wanted to know about how to sculpt with polymer clay, especially characters, miniatures, toys, or game pieces.

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